What is so wrong about adverbs?

English language is rich and beautiful, and all parts of speech are aimed to make this language better, brighter and full of meaning. An adverb is a very important part of English speech: it is used to modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. But many writers, linguists and researchers believe we should be very (not very, but VERY and very) careful when it comes to adverbs use.

Why does it happen so? What is the fault of these poor adverbs? What have they done to get on the wrong side of English language, written language in particular?

No, adverbs are not bad at all. The problem is, many people just do not know how, when and why to use them properly. It does not mean people should avoid adverbs and forget this part of speech forever; it means they should learn all nuances of adverbs use in English speech.

The given infographic will help you with adverb cleanup and become your short hint when you are in doubts whether to use an adverb in your speech and writings or not. Answer these questions and find out whether you should leave an adverb in a sentence or remove it to avoid conflicts and slow reader's pace.