Hello humans!

I am Andrew Howe, and welcome here!

If you read this, we have at least one thing in common: we both love words, writings, and languages. English language in particular. And we both want to use this language in a right way, make it look and sound clear and beautiful despite so many details, nuances and controversies to keep in mind.

That's why I am here: my ADVERBless tool was designed to help you deal with one of the most interesting and mysterious parts of English speech. Adverbs. Many disputes have been spent on adverbs role and usage, and I've decided to make it all clear and easy to use. Here you'll learn when an adverb should be left or removed from your sentence or text, and you will easily highlight and analyze all adverbs in your script.

After graduation from Croft Community School in 2006, I was not in a hurry to enter university and spend four or five years on something I would not like or use in the future. Being a nature lover and having a passion to travels, I've decided to spend a couple of years travelling and learning new places and cultures. More than 20 countries are left behind at the moment, and I am back to live in Charlotte, United States.

I study language and literature at Queens University of Charlotte, design some online and mobile applications from time to time (this is my hobby), volunteer, watch thrillers, and try to spend weekends out of the city.

I am open-minded, and I am always happy to meet new people who might become my good friends. Follow me on Twitter and Google+ or drop me a line at andrewhowe306 [at] gmail (dot) com, and let's make this world better together!